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2 Colored Chairs Set: 2 Diff Colors (CS2CC)

2 Colored Chairs Set: 2 Diff Colors


2 (Two) small folding chairs. Each of the chairs is a different color: Red, Blue, or Green (YELLOW NOT AVAILABLE). The seats of the chairs sit 1 foot off the ground and the back of the chair is 20" high from the ground. The recommended ages are 1-7, but they are strong enough to support the weight of an adult. The chairs have safety locks on them. The seats and backs of the chairs are padded with a vinyl material covering.

WARNING: Folding Chairs and Table may cause injury or even death if not used properly. Do not leave any children unattended when they are using any of the folding chairs or the folding table. Folding chairs and table should only be folded and unfolded by adults. Do not allow any children to fold or unfold the chairs. Ensure the safety locks on the chairs and table are secure and locked before allowing children to sit on or play near the folding chairs and table.

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